Pressed steel sectional tanks provide convenient containment solution for bulk water storage of variety liquids not subject to pressure other than static head. With its modular system, the components in complete-knock-down are easily packed for shipment, transportation and assembly. Its bolted nature subjects the tanks to panel multiples, which means they can be erected to various lengths and widths and even L-shape to fully-utilize space. The tank can be dismantled quickly just by unbolting and can also be extended to a bigger capacity.

I. Steel Sectional Water Tank

This type of tank consists of different surface treatment process. Here are some of the commonly used surface treatment process:

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel water tank

Carbon steel panel immersed in molten zinc solution to get FE Zn alloy. Anti-corrosion from kinds of liquid.

  • Enameled steel water tank

Enamel steel plate surface to prevent the steel plate from rust. One layer black outside, double layers white inside. It can store drinking water.

  • Gush-paint steel water tank

In electrostatic interaction, the powder absorbed in the panel surface. Then through high temperature baking flow get final coating effect.

II. Galvanized-Stainless Steel-Composite (GSC) Water Tank

GSC Water tank is latest product. This material combine advantages of galvanized steel water tank and stainless steel bolted water tank together: high strength, super anti-corrosion, reasonable price level, potable water storage. It is specially for underground water reserve in Chinese market.

Steel Tank Technical Data

Steel Tank Surface Treatment Process

GSC Tank Technical Data



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