Super Tower Industries Pte Ltd are intended to give a long and inconvenience services with basic support procedures.

Super Tower Industries Pte Ltd offers replacement, refurbishment and enhancement of old towers other than manufacturing of new cooling towers by utilizing advanced innovation to yield better outcomes.

Super Tower Industries Pte Ltd is likewise prepared for a consistent substitution and refurbishment of your cooling tower. We deal with all the demolition, removal and haul-out. We can design as well as help in the determination of your new cooling tower to meet your capacity prerequisites. Installation is finished by either gearing or assembling the new cooling tower on-site.

Super Tower Industries Pte Ltd repair and services covers a wide range of cooling towers, regardless of who originally supplied the tower. 

The following are the list of all available services we offer usually to our clients:


Internal & external structure refurbishment & retrofitting

Experienced designer and manufacturer and an expert in repair and enhancement of new cooling towers we have able to determine the performance characteristics of various structural materials and components. Thus, we utilize only the proven materials and components that functions best in a single and diverse cooling tower environment.

fan assembly replacement

The fan assembly are very important components of a cooling tower. Continuous operation over time meaning that they are much more susceptible to breaking than other components of the tower. We replace advance fan components that are more durable, better able to endure the rigors of everyday use and built to withstand the corrosive effects of different environments.

mechanical overhauling

Our mechanical components are designed and selected specifically to provide our clients with many years of energy conservation, low maintenance and highly efficient operation.

pvc infill replacement

In time, cooling tower’s design capability degrades slightly. Replacing the infill with our highly efficient infills can return your cooling tower’s original capability.

drift eliminator replacement

Upgrade your old drift eliminators with our high efficiency drift eliminators providing lower drift rate percentage

water distribution system repair & enhancement

Optimized water distribution and maximum efficiency is a key to a cooling tower’s thermal performance. Our distribution system can meet the requirements to conform the cooling tower’s performance and efficiency.

spring isolator replacement

Replace unsuitable or corroded springs isolators dedicated to your cooling tower’s unique structure to reduce the transmission of noise, shock and vibration effectively.

high performance quality coatings enhancement

The main cause of reduced cooling tower life span is the corrosion that can be caused by several sources. Our high performance quality coatings available can control the possible corrosions of some tower parts and components

3rd Party Performance & Diagnostic Testing Provision

Performance testing is to evaluate the capacity and efficiency of your cooling tower while diagnostic testing will identify complications before it gets to its worse state. We offer these provisions particularly prior to upgrading and enhancement to determine the expected capacity and performance of your cooling tower.

Call us for more information and discuss whatever services you might need for your cooling tower. we will be able to assess and offeR fast and expert services


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